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Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5 Acoustic Bass Review

Basses are the tools of our trade and as in any profession or hobby, you always do your best work with the right tool for the job.

If you are considering an acoustic bass for your musical needs, I would suggest taking a close look at the Michael Kelly Dragonfly acoustic bass

This finely crafted instrument is loaded with features and attention to detail that you might not expect at its very reasonable price-point. 

Let’s take a look at a few more of the details:

Out of the box, this bass is ready to play. Each instrument comes with a quality control card, which contains the model and serial number, as well as a 19-point inspection. It is hand-written and signed by one of the MK QC Techs. The card provides the information to register your bass and lists the website and phone number should you have any questions.

For this review, I focused on the 5-string, fretted Dragonfly bass. While the neck-width on this one seems a tad on the narrow side for my taste (compared to my other 5-strings) I can definitely see this being an advantage for many players. I have met quite a few musicians who went with 4-strings as their preferred instrument, but tuned down for that low B due to hand size, where with this bass they might not have to.

The Fishman® Presys + Bass™ electronics are impressive; they not only give you a built-in tuner but have the capability of changing up your sound quite a bit to make it practical in many different situations, possibly reducing your need for more basses (did I just say that? – lol!). 

The Fishman® Sonicore™ Under Saddle transducer bridge pickup does a great job at capturing the sound and really booms when you want it to.

While this is a bass loaded with function and features, it is also visually stunning. The intricate inlay workOvangkol fretboard & bridgemulti-layered binding and the smoke burst finish makes this bass an artistic statement without even playing a note! It will look great on stage as well as in your home. You might not want to keep it in a case, as it is so decorative; a nice wall hook in a well-lit area of the room might be a good plan.

As with any instrument, I recommend trying this bass for yourself, as the feel of this ample bodied bass is different than it’s electric counterparts. Initially the large body changes your approach to the strings but I adapted quickly and didn’t notice it much within minutes of playing.

Lastly, it is great that Michael Kelly offers this instrument in a 4-string or 5-string version, fretted or fretless, and right or left-handed. This variety of options should cater to most musicians’ bass needs.

For more information on the Michael Kelly Dragonfly Bass, as well as other acoustic options in the MK line, visit

If available, the website will also provide you with a location near you where you can try one of these sweet sounding beauties for yourself.

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