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Strandberg Boden Bass Prog 5 Review

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Strandberg Boden Bass Prog 5 Review

Combine beautiful looks with incredible functionality and you will find the Boden Bass Prog.

This instrument sits between modern art and classic sound.

The first time I saw this Boden bass I knew I needed to check it out; it has a fresh new design that I have not seen before. The shape of the body and sleek profile of the neck did not disappoint me.

Noticeably different but a sound and feel that instantly feels recognizable.

The stunning shape of the bass was artistic and surprisingly comfortable. Once I had the bass in my lap it disappeared into an easy player, comfortable no mater which leg I placed the bass on, while sitting. When in the standing position the lack of headstock and light chambered body made the Prog effortless to sling for a 3+ hour gig. 

Let’s talk about the Boden bass electronics:

This is where the bass really impressed me. The combination of the Darkglass capsule preamp and the Nordstrand pickups gave the bass a superb flexibility for any style you may want to play. The passive tone of the bass will add a whole other dimension to the capabilities of this uniquely cool bass.

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