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BASS2BASS with FREEKBASS – Karina Rykman



BASS2BASS with FREEKBASS – Karina Rykman

Karina Rykman is a modern-day renaissance bassist.

Starting off with music photography and videography, she segued into the business side of music as a behind-the-scenes concert promoter. Today, Karina Rykman is now very much up front and center, creating a strong buzz onstage and in the studio as bass player of the Marco Benevento Trio, as well as her own project. She just recently released a new single, “Plants”, reminiscent of a movie-soundtrack-soundscape, with a precise arrangement and a groove-oriented bassline. Listen to it here

Rykman has created her own path, with a fresh, unique style of bass playing. I’m honored to welcome Karina Rykman to this month’s BASS2BASS! -Freekbass

If you were to create a bass guitar dominant soundtrack for a Netflix, HBO, or Amazon series which one would it be and what would the theme song be called?

A: How about Arrested Development, “Bluth Banana Funk On The One”.

You’ve been asked to create the ‘Karina Rykman Signature Bass’ which as an added feature can do one “non-musical” thing. What would that be?

A: It would have a built-in espresso machine!

If you could create any music festival with unlimited budget, what would it be called, where would it be, and what one band (from any era) would be in your first announce?

A: It’d be called The Dunkaroo Festival, at the Acropolis in Greece, and Master of Reality-era Black Sabbath would be in the first announce.

If you could give the beginner-bass-player version of you, a bit of advice about playing the instrument, what would it be – based on what you know now?

A: Don’t overthink it! Everyone is learning all the time, no matter how old and seasoned they are. Anything you have to say, musically, is valid. Don’t be afraid of hitting the wrong notes – there are none.

What superhero would make the best bass player?

A: Batman. Definitely Batman.

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