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Bassist Chip Boaz Launches A New Era Of His Musical Journey With The Release Of New Chapter

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Bassist Chip Boaz Launches A New Era Of His Musical Journey With The Release Of New Chapter

Bassist and composer Chip Boaz has launched a new era of his musical journey with the release of his four song EP New Chapter.

A trio recording with pianist Amanda Addleman and drummer Ben Lauffer, New Chapter highlights Boaz’s carefully crafted original music that combines jazz, latin music, and fusion while creating space for his distinct voice on acoustic bass, six string electric bass, and Kala U-Bass.

“I’ve spent the better part of my life exploring my musical identity, but the chapters in my story have been shaped by different phases of life,” Boaz muses. He immersed himself in jazz and Afro-Cuban music through schooling, lived life as an active performer on the San Francisco Latin music scene, and kept music alive into future generations through his work as an educator. As life progressed, Boaz changed direction to prioritize his life as a husband, father, and role model; this meant time off the stage, but a deep, rich growth as a human being. Each chapter of his life brought something new to Boaz’s musical identity, and each one uniquely prepared him to create the music on New Chapter.

The EP opens with a subtly propulsive bossa nova Firm Resolution, which comes alive with a catchy melody and introspective improvisations.

This song reflects the determination that Boaz applies to establishing his musical identity today. “When I realized that I was back on this path, I embraced my playing and compositions with more focus and energy than ever before.”

Like many of his contemporaries, fusion was the beginning of Boaz’s jazz explorations, so Starting Point was a returning to his roots. “I’ve always felt that my six-string electric bass and funk-rock was a core part of my musical identity – I grew up with that sort of energy.” The whole trio obviously shares that connection with the music, filling the song with a fiery intensity.

Boaz speaks volumes through all of his basses, but the newest member of his low end family – his Kala U-Bass – has a special place in his heart and it is featured on the track Sunrise.

“When I first starting playing my Kala U-Bass, it was like a Sunrise on a new day; playing this wonderful instrument has inspired a lot of music for me – everything from my wacky car session videos to this song.” The catchy melody swings through shifting time signatures creating open and exciting textures for improvisation.

The title track makes a bold statement that Boaz has entered a new era – and this is only the beginning. Between the up-tempo samba groove, a memorable winding melody, and high energy solos from the whole trio, there’s a clear forward motion. There’s a lot of musical excitement on the track that captures Boaz’s enthusiasm and his dedication to current – and future – musical explorations.

New Chapter is exactly what the title implies – Boaz is turning the page into a new era of his musical journey. “Through all my musical experiences and growth as a human being, I’ve got the musical tools in place, the mental space to make it happen, and the confidence in my vision.” With this recording, Boaz turns the page into this new era and remains enthusiastic about continuing to write the story of his musical journey.

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