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Introducing the Marco Bass PB&J, the World’s First True P&J Bass

Check Out This P&J Bass…

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Don’t get us wrong here, we love PJs, quad coils, and all other manner of ingenuity that have tried to ‘Frankenstein’ the two most classic tones into a single bass. They all have cool, unique sounds and we appreciate them. But phasing and pickup placement have prevented any of these monsters from truly capturing the essence of both… until now.

Introducing the Marco Bass PB&J!

Marco’s unique, ultra-slim pickup design allowed him to actually place a single coil between the neck split coil, while maintaining his world-famous Marco tone.

Pictured here is the first of its kind, a custom ordered 5-string with a reversed P setup for a tighter low B, and an additional single coil to give the option of the classic 60s or 70s J tone. This is truly 3 basses in one: A P bass, 60s J, and 70s J… all of the classic tones in one bass!

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