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Stevens Cables and Effects Pedals Review

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Stevens Cables and Effects Pedals Review

I have my custom bass, my custom amp and cab… why wouldn’t I have customized pedals and cables?

The scoop… Stevens Cables and Effects Pedals was started by Alan Goldstein in 2017. A bassist himself and lover of effects decided it was time to bring his tech skills and musical ear into the pedal producer game. The name Stevens is a tribute to Alan’s father who had passed away.

High quality cable and hand wired/soldered pedals make that boutique peddleboard pop with a mysterious vibe that will make you the envy of the guitarist on the gig. 

What is so cool about these pedals:

A custom color and layout of your pedal, landscape or portrait – this way you can have the right shape for the pedal on your board.

What’s the deal with the different color cables:

High quality cable and connectors guarantees that you will have  great signal transference from your instrument to the amp. Stevens makes instrument cables, speaker cables and patch cables to your specs, as well as colors, lengths and connectors, etc.

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