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Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt – Thumb NT Video Demo with Leonid Maksimov

Leonid Maksimov is Russia’s No. 1 Warwick endorser!

As a session musician, studio and live bassist for numerous greats in Eastern Europe like “Linda”, “Michael Night” or “Love Machine” and other metal music projects, Leonid earns his income. In 2017 he became part of the Bassists Alliance Project founded by Six Feet Under bassist Jeff Hughell and Italian bass solo artist Alberto Rigoni.

This massive international collaboration consists largely of legendary Warwick artists such as Mudvayne’s distinctive Ryan “Brbr Deng” Martinie, the no less influential Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder, or renowned greats such as Brandino and Michael Manring, who are united on a unique album with the title ‘Crush’ and have combined a broad genre mix of blues, jazz, ambient and metal. Highly acclaimed, this album has risen as a “must have” in bassist circles and will soon bring out another album with new artists.

Leonid recently shone with a sample of the upcoming bassist alliance record ‘Forecast’, alongside none other than Ryan Martinie – who reminds in the past months as a viral “internet meme” of the glorious time of Nu-Metal, which was strongly defined and formed by Ryan’s percussive and progressive playing style with Mudvayne but not least by the powerful Warwick sound and the unmistakable low end which has become a trademark. Warwick basses were not only considered a defining standard by Mudvayne, but also by bands such as P.O.D, Slipknot, Incubus, Breaking Benjamin or Limp Bizkit – to name just a few.

On his last visit to the Markneukirchen headquarters of Framus & Warwick, Leonid took the opportunity to test some of the latest custom shop creations and prove his playing skills with his bass solo song ‘Inception’. In this video Leonid plays a custom Warwick Thumb NT (neck-through) with an exotic Bubinga Pommelé top and epoxy resin core.

Visit Online:

Leonid Maksimov’s YouTube Channel: @leonidmaksimov

Bassists Alliance Project on Facebook: @bassistsalliance

Click here for more information about the Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt – Thumb NT #19-4025 – Epoxy Resin Top.

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