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BASS2BASS with FREEKBASS – Laura Lee from Khruangbin



BASS2BASS with FREEKBASS – Laura Lee from Khruangbin

Certain musicians and bass players are perfect for their era, making a distinguishable mark during that moment in time for us bass players to study and admire. Laura Lee is such a bass player, a musician who is timeless.

Photo, Katie Summer

Her attention to both the groove and what is right for the song, transcends genre. Add to this, her undeniable attention to the visuals, and she becomes a current-day icon. Her band, Khruangbin, feels like they came out of nowhere and everywhere, creating the soundtrack to our lives, that we always wanted. Lee’s playing has so much energy and deep sonics, while being simultaneously so chill. Her bass-lines, tone and groove have a hypnotic quality that will make you an instant fan. I am very honored to bring you Laura Lee, as this month’s guest on BASS2BASS with FREEKBASS.

What bass player, from any era, would you like to have a musical conversation with, and is there a specific question you would like to ask them?

Tina Weymouth. No specific question. I’d love to just go get a dozen oysters, assuming she’s into oysters, and ask her to tell me stories.

You all tour a lot. What are a couple pro-tips you’ve learned, about life on the road?

Everyone is different, but I think it’s important to find something to ground you when you’re in never in the same place. For me, it’s taking a walk a day, hopefully with enough time to find the perfect walk. It’s the time I get just to myself, it’s my little home consistency on the road, and it let’s me get a feel of the place I’m in. That and always pack less than you think, (and get comfortable hand washing).

What would the Laura Lee Signature Edition bass pedal do, and what would it look like?

It would give you the perfect peanut butter tone. Now that we’ve got some consistency with amp selection at festivals, between those, my bass, my compressor and motown DI, we can usually achieve it. But it would be so nice to know that I could just press one button, and be ready to go. …as far as looks, I’d probably base it off of a JIF extra crunchy bottle.

If you were asked to do a month long residency-gig in any city and venue in the world, where would that be? (Fictional venue/city, included!)

Easy. I’d play alongside the Diva Plavalaguna on the planet Fhloston Paradise. I’d happily let the Diva pick out my outfits too.

What Superhero would make the best bassist?

Storm. I mean, she quintessentially understands thunder. So that’s gotta already put her at the forefront of representing the low end.

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