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Dirty Snowman Society New Single “Mad Bull”, Featuring Bassist Patrick Linfante

Dirty Snowman Society New Single "Mad Bull", Featuring Bassist Patrick Linfante

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Dirty Snowman Society New Single “Mad Bull”, Featuring Bassist Patrick Linfante

Bassist Patrick Linfante News… Dirty Snowman Society Makes a Political Statement with New Single “Mad Bull”

Dirty Snowman Society is back again with a new single, “Mad Bull,” featuring Bassist Patrick Linfante. After the successful release of their debut single “Taste of Heaven,” the band is continuing to impress with their latest rock anthem. 

Starting off with intense instrumentals, “Mad Bull” is an energetic track matching its powerful lyrical content.

The song’s politically critical lyrics are sure to make anyone pay attention to the band’s message.

“Mad Bull” enthusiastically expresses the frustration many people have about the current political climate. It’s clear that Dirty Snowman Society is not afraid to speak out. Band member Chris Todoroff says, “Irreverently speak the truth — we all need to hear it.” 

Dirty Snowman Society is made up of four members — Frank Costantini (vocals, drums, percussion), Jonnie Law (lead guitar), Bassist Patrick Linfante, and Chris Todoroff (guitars, percussion) — who have come together from all walks of life to make music. Everything fell into place when the members realized they wanted to create the music they missed hearing, that classic rock sound that has faded from the mainstream in recent years.

You can listen to “Mad Bull” on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. Dirty Snowman Society also has several upcoming releases, including a music video for “Mad Bull” and a 5-track EP. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated.

About Dirty Snowman Society 

Dirty Snowman Society is a rock band based in Copper Mountain, CO. The four-piece band consists of Frank Costantini on vocals, drums and percussion, Jonnie Law on lead guitar, Patrick Linfante on bass and Chris Todoroff on guitars and percussion. The band came together from very diverse backgrounds, they’ve held jobs such as Emmy winning TV director and best selling author, a touring metal band member, ski and surf instructor, and successful lawyer. The glue that holds them together is the desire to make the kind of classic hard rock that inspired them to become musicians. Follow Dirty Snowman Society on Facebook for more information.

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