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Phil the Tip Jar Review

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Phil the Tip Jar Review

Gigging musicians need to check out Phil the Tip Jar!

Phil the Tip Jar is a remarkable idea… to have a tip jar that not only looks cool but helps you interact with your audience in the most fun ways.

While ‘Phil’ has a lot of cool features, one of my favorites is the coupon dispensing feature. It does come with some coupons to get you started and gives you the option to order coupons to fit the needs of your band. For instance, as the cards are double-sided, you can tell the fans how much you appreciate them coming to your gig on one side and add your website or Facebook page on the other side so they can keep updated on future gigs.

You can also have cards printed up for prizes to be given out during the gig, say a t-shirt or CD. In essence, when someone gives a tip, they get a coupon in return, and coupons are completely customizable as you and your band see fit; it holds 350 coupons.

Another cool feature is that it doesn’t look like your traditional tip jar.

This is not a bucket from the bar or just a jar picked up at a garage sale or Walmart with something written on it, or a piece of paper taped to it with some handwriting. No, it is a professional tip jar.

Phil the Tip Jar, now known as just Phil (lol) has LED light effects that gives off illumination of blue, red, and green, or Phil can cycle through all the colors. The LED lighting feature can also be turned off. When someone drops money in the slot, a coupon is dispensed and a “cha-ching” sound is heard and can be adjusted with the volume button, giving you the options of low and high volume, as well as off.

I have tried and tested Phil on many gigs.

Yes, I have seen significant tip revenue increased, two to three times the normal amount on the gigs that I used it on, with several different bands, compared to times when just using a regular tip jar, so much that Phil pays for itself.

While Phil is stationary as he needs to be connected to an outlet with the provided power adapter, the tip jar itself is removable so that you can pass it around during breaks.

While labeling of Phil is seen as “Phil the Tip Jar”, custom wraps are coming soon, so you can add the name of your band.

Phil the Tip Jar is the world’s first interactive tip jar for bands and musicians and will help increase the fun and revenue at your gigs.

Be sure to check out Phil the Tip Jar online at, for the retail price of $195

David C Gross has been the bassist for a lot of folks. He has written 14 bass books and 3 instructional videos, hosts “The Notes From An Artist Radio Show” on Monday nights 8 PM EDT, and the “Notes From An Artist” podcast available on iTunes, Spotify and all podcast platforms.

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