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Gator Pro-Go Bass Gig Bag Review

Gator Pro-Go Bass Gig Bag Review

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Gator Pro-Go Bass Gig Bag Review

A Review of the Gator Pro-Go Bass Gig Bag…

The Gator Pro-Go Bass Gig Bag has to be the most complete all-around gig bag for bass that I have seen lately. While the Pro-Go has a lot of the characteristics of other gig bags, there’s definitely more.

First off, this gig bag has stylistic looks…

The abundance of padding on the Gator Pro-Go makes sure that your bass is heavily protected and there is an abundance of pockets to carry pretty much everything you need for your gig, with the exception of your bass rig.

The interior has thick padding and has a micro-fleece interior to protect the finish of your bass. Also included are an adjustable padded neck cradle and extra padding at the bottom of the interior, which acts as an internal shock absorber.

Basses from short scale, 34”, 35” and extended range basses will all fit nicely within the Gator Pro-Go.

For accessory storage, there is an abundance of pockets. There are two pockets to store tuners and strings in the headstock and neck area. In the body area, there is a large accessory pocket that will hold sheet music, as well as a strap for cable management, a padded pocket for a tablet, and two smaller pockets for more accessories.

The storage area for the protective rain cover is located at the back of the headstock area. The backpack straps are adjustable for different positions to carry your bass, from low, high, and sling positions. In addition to that, the backpack straps can be removed and the Gator Pro-Go can be carried with the padded nylon handle.

Looking for the ultimate gig bag to carry everything you need and the ultimate in protection for your bass and accessories, then you need to check out the Gator Pro-Go Bass Gig Bag online or at a music retailer near you!

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