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123 BASS 2020: A Lesson on Finishing What You Started

123 BASS 2020: A Lesson on Finishing What You Started

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123 BASS 2020: A Lesson on Finishing What You Started

Welcome to 123 Bass 2020, a lesson on finishing what you started.

Four years ago, I released my first solo 12-string bass video called 123 Bass, which was supposed to be my final and last contribution to my over 40 years in the music and entertainment business.

I had seen and heard too much from being on every side of the business and really wanted to use my skillsets and creativity for something that didn’t involve all the time, politics, and what I considered limited vision when it came to conceiving, creating and finishing my creative ideas at hand.

The response I got from that first 123 Bass videos was really cool and overwhelmingly positive.

Could I have finally found a way to express and create on my terms as well as find my new voice as a player, producer, and writer?

Playing that Musicvox 12-string bass with all my effects really seemed to fit the creative futuristic style I was unknowingly looking for at the time, as well as it made me stand out from the rest of bass pack. 

There really aren’t too many multiple string bass players in the world and it really felt like a brand-new start for me.

So many people were writing to me to say they loved the bass grooves but wish that they were longer.

This inspired me to make this 3-part video series that would blend all that I love about music and motivation, and start setting the stage to becoming not only an original style player but as an educator as well.

I will now show you what happens when you finally make up your mind to finish something you started a long time ago in the form of writing a whole new 4 minutes of bass music that will be inserted into the original song and video like it was always there.

I will also have a short discussion with you guys on the good parts of your procrastination and how you can use them to your advantage in becoming an even better creator in the end.

There will also be another video that gives you a quick preview on the pedalboard set up that I used to write and record all the new parts for 123 Bass 2020.

I am presently working on my first masterclass called Cracking the Creative Code that is based on how to control your creativity by providing it with unusual and different ways to think before creation even begins.

I will be sharing my personal tips and tricks with you that I have been using for over 40 years in getting things done in a record amount of time, straight from the comfort of your own home.

You can go to thestayathomerockstar to join the mailing list and be the first to get news on the release of Cracking the Creative Code.

All right, I wish you guys an awesome day and check out the 3 videos to see my whole process called A LESSON ON FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED.



Procrastination is something we all experience at one point or another.

Is it fear, is it laziness, or is it just not meant to be?

I believe that there is actually an amazing positive side effect from our procrastinations that could totally workout to your advantage and that you may have overlooked.

Watch this short video for my answer on how to make procrastination work to your advantage in the end.


As a bass player, I use a lot of pedals and have always been asked about my pedalboard set up.

What I think most people don’t realize about my music is that even though it may sound like there are keyboards and synths within the grooves, there are none.

Everything I do is only created with my basses even when it seems to sound like totally something else.

My pedalboards and my multiple-string basses are key to my sound and tone alterations that permit me to sound like there is so much more going on than the one instrument.

In this video, I will show you a basic preview of one of my setups I used to create all the new parts in 123 Bass 2020.

I will be creating a masterclass on how to use and record directly with your pedals like a pro in the comfort of your own home in the near future.

For more info and news about Cracking the Creative Code, sign up at and check out

You guys totally rock 


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