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Ida Nielsen, Funk Power: April 2020 Issue

Ida Nielsen, Funk Power: April 2020 Issue


Ida Nielsen, Funk Power: April 2020 Issue

Ida Nielsen is a primary source of funk power in our time. 

Ida Nielsen, Funk Power

Cover Photo by Martin Hutch

I am often in awe by the universal nature of music to reach people around the world.

It is this characteristic that makes a music form native to the US like Funk, capture the attention of a young woman in Denmark and give her a life-long mission that fuels a passion for this music form. Prince saw this burning flame and recruited Ida to join him on tour to enhance his amazing artistic expression. Years later, Ida continues her pursuit of Funk excellence.

Currently laying down the groove for “The Funkbots” or performing solo, Ida presents a dazzling display of musical talent and technique that is humbling to even the most seasoned players. 

Join me in learning more about this amazing musician; meet Ida Nielsen.

Signature Bass

Ida Nielsen’s Signature Bass, By Sandberg Guitars,

Photo by Martin Hutch

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