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Brian Bromberg, Bringing the Funk – November 2018 Issue


Brian Bromberg, Bringing the Funk – November 2018 Issue

Brian Bromberg, Bringing the Funk…

Earlier this year I had a chance to hear Brian Bromberg’s latest release “Thicker than Water”.

That music shook me up and I was inspired to promptly write a review of this super tight, smoking piece of FUNK!

Listening to this facet of Brian’s playing made me reflect on his reputation and versatility as a bass player.

He has a massive Jazz history but has extended himself by delving into the world of hard rock with a Jimi Hendrix album.

Brian is one of those unique individuals who is highly skilled on upright as well as electric bass. Beyond being an amazing musician he has collected a wealth of knowledge about recording and producing records.

Taking all this into account, I realized we had not had a chance to do an interview with Brian. I am happy to correct this situation right now by bringing you this in-depth conversation. Enjoy!

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