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The Absence of Presence

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Review: Kansas, The Absence of Presence, Billy Greer on Bass

Review: Kansas, The Absence of Presence, Billy Greer on Bass

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The Absence of Presence…

After nearly five decades of legendary Progressive Rock, Kansas presents its 16th Studio album, The Absence of Presence!

Running full throttle, this album delivers a powerful performance with all the classic Kansas nuances you would expect from this iconic band. Superb vocal harmonies, driving rock beats, classic arrangements, exciting violin playing, wicked guitar shredding, and intricate keyboard flurries are all driven by Billy’s flawless bass lines.

My favorite track is “Throwing Mountains”…

This one song has all the amazing elements this band has to offer packed into one track. The attention to all the intricate details highlights the refined nature of this finely tuned, mature, musical group. Even though this album has been in the works for over a year, the Absence of Presence makes an unintentionally profound statement about our current times.

Plan to sit down and discover what this music means to you personally.

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