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Review: Jorge Roeder, El Suelo Mio

Jorge Roeder, El Suelo Mio

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Review: Jorge Roeder, El Suelo Mio

Review: Jorge Roeder, El Suelo Mio

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El Suelo Mio is a real treat for all you upright fans.

Jorge’s debut album is thirteen tracks of entirely unadulterated upright bass at it’s finest. This is a true demonstration of how a bass can literally fill the room with both percussive and melodic qualities. There has never been a better example of the huge potential that the upright bass has in the right hands.

Interview with Jorge Roeder

Jorge did an amazing job of getting a crystal clear recording of how he draws upon all his training and his cultural background to express his journey as a person and a musician. If you play upright, you will be inspired to push yourself creatively like Jorge. If you don’t play upright, you might consider giving it a try. Either way, great performances like this make me want to get back to work on my own musical efforts.

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