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Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp Review

Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp Review

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Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp Review

Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp Review

Review of the Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp…

I have been waiting for this, the Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp.

Let me start off by saying, this is a great pedal collaboration between Tech 21 and Steve Harris. Whether you like Metal or not, Steve Harris is one of the greats on bass that has contributed his music with Iron Maiden and British Lion to the multitude of fans all over the world. His signature gallop and tone is recognized by practically everyone as soon as they hear it. Tech 21 and Steve Harris have brought you those tones with the SH1 Signature SansAmp.

I need to clarify, you don’t need to be playing Iron Maiden tunes to enjoy the SH1 as it works with every genre.

With the multitude of controls, you can create a wide variety from this little pedal. Some of the signature tones that you can get are tones from popular bassists such as Phil Lynott, Lemmy, Geezer, Jamerson, Cliff Burton, Genesis (Lamb Style), and Deep Purple (Highway Star Style). Believe it or not, I used it on a country gig I had just recently and it worked great. The tones previously mentioned are sample settings that come with the SH1.

The Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp has 2 channels to choose from.

Each channel has a level and gain, and I found it useful to change between channels depending on the tone I wanted. Each channel allows you to adjust the level and gain, so for instance, if you want a boost when doing a solo, set the level and gain higher on channel 2 and use channel one as your main channel.

The other controls are blend, which is a combination of your bass and the preamp. The Mid 1, Mid2, Low, and High controls give you a +/- 18dB from unity gain at 12 o’clock. The frequencies of the Mid1 is at 200Hz, Mid 2 at 500Hz, Low at 50Hz, and High at 3kHz. The four EQ controls give you a wide variety of tone options. The level control for each channel allows you to adjust the overall volume and the gain control gives you the option to apply the amount of overdrive you prefer.

Bass Book: Steve Harris, The Beast Of The Bass

The SH1 also has a balanced XLR output and ground switch, a Bite switch, which activates a “Steve: boost” to the SansAmp tube amplifier emulation circuitry which gives you extra clank and clarity for the top end and it add more definition when playing without overdrive. The third switch is the speaker simulation, which helps give a smooth response when using a miked cabinet. I also found this setting useful for when recording.

In addition to all of that, it has a built-in chromatic tuner, 1/4” input and output, and is powered by a universal power supply with prong assemblies included for Europe, UK or Australia, and New Zealand connections.

Check out the Tech 21 Steve Harris SH1 Signature SansAmp online or at a music retailer near you!

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