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New: Danelectro ‘59DC Short-scale Basses

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New: Danelectro ‘59DC Short-scale Basses

New: Danelectro ‘59DC Short-scale Basses

Danelectro ‘59DC Short-scale Basses…

The new Danelectro ‘59DC short-scale electric bass slots comfortably in an area often regarded as a ‘half-way-house’ between electric guitar and conventional full-scale bass guitar.

With less string tension, the trusty ‘59DC bass is not only easier to play, but it’s also favoured by regular guitar players and professional bassists for delivering punchy warm mids and clear highs.

The combination of the natural acoustic properties of the iconic, Danelectro semi-hollow, double-cutaway shorthorn body shape, and the high-end chime and clarity from a pair of the company’s legendary Lipstick® pickups, offers an additional percussive attack and a whole new sonic dimension to the ‘59DC short-scale bass.

Providing plenty of bright accents, both high-impedance, high-output neck and bridge positioned Lipstick pickups with alnico magnets, work exceptionally well with low-end frequencies and when pushed, deliver an edgy, weighty tubular growl.

The versatility of the new Danelectro ‘59DC short-scale bass, is just one reminder of the Danelectro legacy that has proven popular with musicians around the world. Indeed, with a 3-way pickup selector and stacked volume and tone controls for each pickup, the deeper voice of the Lipstick angled neck pickup, with the tone control backed off, delivers a warm sweet tone that will also please the most hardened jazz player.

The Danelectro ’59DC short-scale bass also includes milestone features that highlight and reflect the company’s recognised vintage legacy, as early pioneers of rock n roll, including the much-loved Dano ‘coke-bottle’ headstock and familiar ‘seal-shape’ scratchplate. Modern additions include vintage style smooth-geared tuners, a precision-cut aluminium nut and fully adjustable bridge.

Like all Danelectro guitars, the new ‘59DC short-scale bass with a c-profile bolt-on neck, a flawless and fast 24 fret fingerboard plays like a dream. The lightweight construction is ideal for long haul gigs and again, versatility is key for a host of styles from surf to country, rockabilly to blues, to rock and looks stunning in gorgeous all-over Black Metalflake, Copper and Vintage Cream finishes.

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