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Review- Sergio Mendez, In The Key Of Joy

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Review: Sergio Mendez, In The Key Of Joy

Review: Sergio Mendez, In The Key Of Joy

The latest album from Sergio Mendez, In The Key Of Joy…

I was fortunate to be exposed to Brazilian music from a very early age. My aunt traveled to Brazil in the early ’60s for her studies and she always came back with amazing albums. I remember listening to and getting excited over this unique music that I had never heard anywhere else. The beats, the chord progressions, and the characteristic musical choices were all so fascinating; it was all so upbeat, exotic, and sensuous.

Then came Sergio Mendez.

He suddenly injected the music scene with an amazing new sound with his group “Sergio Mendez & Brazil ’66”. In my opinion, Sergio was the tip of the spear that opened the flood gates for Brazilian music to be infused into our mainstream music for decades to follow.

“In the Key of Joy” is a deluxe 2-CD set that has a wonderful sampling of Sergio’s music from decades past and contemporary times. This is his first new album in five years and is packed with some of his classic tunes, new offerings and includes a plethora of guests. This set is jam-packed with superb music.

I love the classics but it is interesting to hear the evolution of Sergio’s sound.

If you are not familiar with Brazilian music or just want to relive Sergio’s long, fruitful musical career this is a perfect set to start with. You will be treated to a ton of great bass work and classic percussive tempos that will make it impossible to sit still.

Sergio Mendez, In The Key Of Joy is available at

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