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Best Guitar Cables for Bass: Try These Instrument Cables Now

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Best Guitar Cables for Bass: Try These Instrument Cables Now

Best Guitar Cables for Bass: Try These Instrument Cables Now

The Best Guitar Cables / Instrument Cables for Bass Players…

Guitar cables and instrument cables may not be the flashiest part of your rig, but they undoubtedly do the behind-the-scenes work and are a critical and often overlooked link in your sound chain.

While players are always looking for the perfect bass and amp, often going to great lengths to find the best design, woods, weight, and wattage, they often overlook instrument cables.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to test out cables, as well as talk with many bass players about their gear, including the types of instrument cables they use to get their sound. Our ‘best of’ list comes from those conversations and in-house tests.

Here is our current ‘best of’ guitar cables / instrument cables for bass:


Asterope Cables

We had the pleasure of interviewing Asterope’s Dariush Rad, the President and CEO of Asterope Premium Audio Cables. This guy KNOWS his stuff! In the video, Dariush shared information on signal optimization and the scientific details that go into the Asterope line.

Check out bassist Derek Jones review of the Asterope Cables!

Asterope MI and Pro Audio cables feature unique technology that delivers unsurpassed performance, with an aesthetic and rugged design. All audio cables are built with a unique architectural structure, are made with extremely pure conductive materials, and undergo a series of proprietary processes to reduce the overall noise bed created by “arcing“. These unique designs, materials, and processes help maximize signal inductance and the fluidity of electron flow, preserving the integrity of the data (sonic) packets being delivered by the wire.  

VISIT >>>> asterope.com


Tsunami Cables

If you don’t know Keith Stickney, owner of Tsunami Cables, you need to! We have covered Tsunami extensively over the years and know that Keith is a great guy who builds a VERY solid product, including custom options.

Tsunami Cables are designed to eliminate the need for having two sets of audio cables (an industry standard). Using a cable for studio recording and another for the road. Our cables are designed to handle both the road and the studio.

VISIT >>>> tsunami-cables.square.site

Rattlesnake Cable Company

Rattlesnake Cable Company, from Winter NAMM 2020

We had the opportunity to cover Rattlesnake at the 2020 Winter NAMM show. They take pride that their cables are milled in the United States and are hand assembled in Missoula, Montana.

Founder Hank Donovan, “I hate cables that tend to be noisy due to poor shielding or worse, cease to work due to the shielding being weak or easily broken. The cables we use have a strong heavily braided copper shielding with 95% coverage. This makes the cable super heavy duty… and quiet!”

VISIT >>>> rattlesnakecables.com

Cordial Cables

Cordial Cables

We recently had the pleasure of doing a video interview with “Ace of Cups” Bassist Denise Kaufman, who sang the praises of Cordial Cables. Andrew Gouche is also an endorsee, “When I use Cordial cables, I hear my sound. Trust me, you’ll hear yours like never before!”

All CORDIAL cables are custom designed. The technical design of the individual cable types and the choice of materials react, for example, to the rigors of everyday stage work to the same degree as the high-end demands of recording studios.

VISIT >>>> cordial-cables.com

Analysis Plus

Analysis Plus endorsee and ERB artist Igor Saavedra, who uses the Pro Oval Studio, Power Oval 2 and Silver Oval.

Founded in 1992, Analysis Plus is a scientific research and design company now focused primarily on two markets: Music and Pro Audio industries and high-end Home Audio.

VISIT >>>> analysis.plus

More Guitar Cables for Bass on Our Radar

Phil Jones Bass
The PJB BI-12 Shielded Bass Cable has not only one shielded cable but three. By the combination of carefully chosen materials such as 99.999% oxygen-free pure copper and PTFE die-electric insulation, the BI-12 unleashes the true tone from your bass and gives you a whole new experience. The PJB 4′ Speaker Cable (SS-4) has the lowest possible internal resistance for efficient power transfer. 
VISIT >>>> pjbworld.com

Lava Cable
GREAT back-story… Lava Cable creator and founder Mark Stoddard deployed to Afghanistan with a U.S. Army Special Forces Battalion as a Detachment Commander within weeks of forming his new company in June 2004. Excited about getting his business up and running, he took a roll of Canare GS-6 cable, and some Neutrik plugs into combat with him, making cables for his fellow soldiers and the local Morale, Welfare and Recreation center in his off-time.
>>>> lavacable.com

Spectraflex Cables are the “Original Braided Cables” used by musicians the world over.  The rugged, high-quality nylon braiding is there for a reason: It protects and enhances the performance of the cable’s internal components while preventing tangles and adding flexibility. 
VISIT >>>> spectraflex.com

Canary Cables
Canary Cables took the #9 spot in The Guitar World Magazine 2020 Best Cables List
VISIT >>>> canarycables.com

RapcoHorizon Guitar Cables
RapcoHorizon products provide optimal flexibility and premium performance as well as a state-of-the-art Custom Shop to modify existing products or build new devices to meet any need.
>>>> rapcohorizon.com

Pig Hog
Established in 2011, Pig Hog is crafted by musicians, for musicians. To date, they offer over 200+ cables, adapters, and accessories. 
VISIT >>>> pighogcables.com

Solcor Guitar Cables
We were introduced to Solcor at Winter NAMM 2020. Solcor was founded in 1986 and is located in Mexico City. In 1995 they entered the music business, being one of the pioneers in the manufacture of cables for musical instruments, microphones, patches, etc.
>>>> solcoraudio.com

Shnoor Cables and Connectors
Developed and assembled in Russia, Shnoor promotes its outstanding sound transmission, using high-quality copper conductors with a 99,97% purity and low capacitance.
VISIT >>>> myshnoor.com

Mogami Cables
Mogami Overdrive, Platinum, Gold, CorePlus and Silver Cables are trusted by music professionals worldwide. 
VISIT >>>> mogamicable.com

George L’s
George L’s cables have been honored by every major publication in the music industry and continue to win numerous awards.
VISIT >>>> georgelsstore.com

Evidence Audio
Evidence Audio™ was founded in 1997 by Tony Farinella to offer the finest Musical Instrument and studio cables available.
VISIT >>>> evidenceaudio.com

GLS Audio
GLS Audio, and its parent company, Orange County Speaker, are proudly family owned and operated by the Sunda Family.
VISIT >>>> glsaudio.com

We hope this guitar cables / instrument cables guide helped in your quest for finding your unique sound.

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