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New Album: Mikael Berglund, Nordicana

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New Album: Mikael Berglund, Nordicana

New Album: Mikael Berglund, Nordicana

Mikael Berglund, Nordicana…

Mikael shares…

With the extensive amount of new releases in these days and times and all the technique ’show-offs’ on YouTube and other websites, I felt that the urge of doing something opposed was getting stronger every day. Also, I’ve been exploring my musical roots more as I’m getting older (and wiser) and the combination of my musical jazz & blues in?uences and my upbringing in Dalarna, a very ’folkloreian’ part of Sweden and Scandinavia, landed in something I choose to call Nordicana.

I also like to refer to it as ’Almoge improvisation’. Almoge is a Swedish term for what local luthiers created in the past as single items, where they really didn’t have a speci?c template for producing an extensive, more industrial amount of articles. What happened was that it was more made out of improvising and the inspiration at the moment. That’s how I decided to work on this Nordicana project but in today’s context.

I started with a blank canvas. An old bass, old ?at-wound strings, and a rather old bass player. I played freely and tried to grasp some kind of theme from what I was doing spontaneously. Then I listened back and saved what to me seemed to be the musical statement I had created on the spot, mistakes, and all.

I’m aware of the fact that this is a really small niche but listening to the result I decided to release it. I felt it had a calming, comforting effect in all the hyped up and noisy environments of today’s society.

I sincerely hope this will transcend and that you will get some peace of mind listening to my Nordic jazz improvisations. /Mikael

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