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New Album: Pierluigi Balducci, Electric Wood

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New Album: Pierluigi Balducci, Electric Wood

New Album: Pierluigi Balducci, Electric Wood

Pierluigi Balducci, Electric Wood…

Pierluigi shares…

On this record I have collected a series of recordings for bass solo and for two overdub basses, implementing an idea that has accompanied me for many years. These are some of the songs I most love to play, which entered the jazz repertoire during the last century, and some equally well-known compositions by great jazz players.

Most of the songs were recorded with my 4-string hollow body instrument and a small part with my older neck through body 5-string bass. I love the wonder created together by the woods and the pickups: the material offered by Nature and the electronics, together, allow us an infinity of timbres, voices, dynamics, and expressive nuances, which make the electric bass pure emotion.

Pierluigi Balducci, Electric Wood available here

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