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Thirteenth Arpeggios – Part Three

James Rosocha

Bass Edu

Thirteenth Arpeggios – Part Three

Thirteenth Arpeggios – Part Three

In this final three-part series of lessons on the construction and application of Thirteenth Arpeggios, I’ll cover additional sequence variations to apply to the seven basic shapes. These lessons should be studied in the correct order that they were presented. The foundation work from lesson number one “Thirteenth Arpeggios”, along with the application of four-note sequences from lesson two lead to this final study. 

In this example – instead of starting the four-note sequences on the downbeat, start them on the “E of 1”.  

1-Thirteenth Arpeggios – Part Three

The next series of exercises start on the “Ah of 4”. Take them through all seven shapes that were studied and mapped out in lessons one and two of the previous lessons. 

2-Thirteenth Arpeggios – Part Three

Now start the exercises on the downbeat in an up 4 – down 4 cycle.

3-Thirteenth Arpeggios – Part Three

That’s an enormous amount of work and a fulfilling study of thirteenth arpeggios. Be sure to practice them in all keys. Although I provided examples for F major 13 and G minor 13, I didn’t provide examples for every variation for all seven chords. The basic arpeggios can be found in lesson one and two. Try one key a week with all variations. Good luck!

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