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Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two

Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two

Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two…

My previous lesson entitled “Thirteenth Arpeggios” covered the construction of seven arpeggio shapes– starting from the root of the chord and proceeding to the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and up to the 13th.  After studying this material in all twelve keys, the next step is to apply a series of sequences to the arpeggios. 

The first variation of sequences starts on the down beat and continues up in groups of four. Continue back down after reaching tension 13. 

The F major 13 arpeggio (F Ionian mode) includes F, A, C, E and tensions G (9), Bb (11), and D (13).

1-Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two

Gm13 (G Dorian mode) G, Bb, D, F and tensions A (9), C (11), and E (13).

2-Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two

Am13 (A Phrygian mode) includes A, C, E, G and tensions Bb (b9), D (11), and F (b13). 

3-Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two

Bb major 13 (Bb Lydian mode) includes Bb, D, F, A and tensions C (9), E (#11), and G (13).

4-Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two

C7 13 (C Mixolydian mode) includes C, E, G, Bb and tensions D (9), F (11), and A (13).

5-Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two

Dm13 (D Aeolian mode) includes A, C, E, G and tensions E (9), G (11), and Bb (b13).

6-Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two

Em7b5 13 (E Locrian mode) includes E, G, Bb, D and tensions F (b9), A (11), and C (b13).

7-Thirteenth Arpeggios Part Two

My next lesson will introduce additional sequence variations to apply to thirteenth arpeggios. Please review part one of this lesson before applying the sequences or this material may not make musical sense to you. As with all of my lessons, I advise you to take the exercises through all keys. Have fun, good luck, and see you next time!

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