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Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the DiVision

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Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the DiVision

Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the DiVision

Lightning Boy Audio introduces the DiVision.

The DiVision is a limited edition vacuum tube direct box and features a tiny 6DS4 nuvistor vacuum tube running at 230V for a big tube tone and headroom in a little box. So little, in fact, it weighs just under 1 pound.

The DiVision is powered by a standard 9V pedal adapter and boosts it internally to deliver the full tube sound you’d expect from the more common mains powered tube direct boxes.

The output is mic level and 200 Ohms impedance, derived from the onboard output transformer, a Lightning Boy Audio MC15.

The DiVision offers up to 11dB of clean boost with a rock bottom noise floor. It has an active shelving EQ, labeled “Vision,” which uses the tube to produce a treble boost of up to 6dB, shouldered at 10kHz. With the Vision knob fully turned down, the DiVision presents a flat response from 10Hz-22kHz with 0.2% THD+N. The tube amplifier stage operates as class A and is single-ended.

Just 68 DiVision’s will be produced and sold direct from for $329 USD.

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