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Review: The Artistry of Anthony Jackson by Andy Robertson

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Review: The Artistry of Anthony Jackson by Andy Robertson

Review: The Artistry of Anthony Jackson by Andy Robertson

The Artistry of Anthony Jackson…

I was excited to get my hands on the book, The Artistry of Anthony Jackson because Mr. Jackson has been an important inspiration since I was about 17.

When I was growing up in NYC, I was playing with a drummer, Casey Conrad. He told me about this fantastic young bass player living in Brooklyn who he had played with and that I would need to learn the following basslines that Anthony had created for Casey’s band.

That was my first introduction to Anthony Jackson.

Fast forward seven years and I am playing in a band with Ian MacDonald who had played with King Crimson and Foreigner. Naturally, I had to purchase a Chapman Stick. I started taking lessons and decided I wanted to devote all of my energies to bass.

One day I was walking down the famed and storied 48th St and I see in the window of Alex Music this 6-string bass. I go inside, attempt to play it and realized, I could do a lot of the two-hand tapping stuff on this instrument. I purchased that #7 Fodera bass and the rest is history.

That bass was designed by Vinnie Fodera based on the concepts of Anthony Jackson.

Fast forward about 15 years. It is New Year’s Eve. I call Anthony to wish him a Happy New Year and proceed to tell him I felt that I was in a rut. I will never forget what he said to me… he said that he would probably be in a rut for the next 30 years! That made quite an impression on me.

Well, here I am with a new book by Andy Robertson, “The Artistry of Anthony Jackson” and I am happy to report it sheds light on a great bassist whose musicality and devotion to excellence are of the highest level.

The 10 selections in this book cover a range of styles and artists Mr. Jackson has worked with. From Chaka Khan to Steely Dan and of course the O’Jays; you have a lot of material to cover.

These transcriptions showcase just how adept a musician Anthony Jackson is. Key changes, time changes, you name it, it’s all here.

There is no tablature. You have to read music and why not? It’s a skill you will never regret, I promise!

I highly recommend digging into The Artistry of Anthony Jackson. Looking at the bass parts, the chords, the rhythms… you will improve as a player guaranteed

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