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I’ve Got You Covered- Tuki Covers and Pedaltrain

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I’ve Got You Covered: Tuki Covers and Pedaltrain

I’ve Got You Covered: Tuki Covers and Pedaltrain

Tuki Covers and Pedaltrain effects cases…

When it comes to performing outside our homes I have found a few items that will give you an added bit of convenience and security – Tuki Covers and Pedaltrain effects cases.

I am cautiously hopeful that things in our world will be slowly returning to a new normal and one of those things will be gigging and recording live. It has been frustrating and it has taken its toll however good things are on the horizon I believe so take heart!

When I was living, rehearsing, and performing in NYC, I was grateful to have taxicabs at my disposal however, my speaker cabs were the worse for wear! With this dilemma in mind, I spoke with Glenn at Tuki Covers and he sent me a well-crafted, sturdy, and well-padded cover for one of my speaker cabs. It fit like a glove and provided all-over protection and if I wanted, they would have put a side pocket on the cover for speaker cables, etc. If you go to their website, you can find covers designed for just about any cabinet you could imagine, plus all sorts of bags and pedal effects cases for all of your gear. All in all, a fantastic find!

Visit online at

And speaking of effects pedal cases, my old friends at Pedaltrain have an abundance of pedal cases to fit any budget and any size.

Jim Colella sent me a couple of cases for “urban” bassists who want things small and protective. One case, the Nano Plus, included 36” of Pedaltrain’s professional grade hook-and-loop pedal fastener and plenty of zip ties for securing cables. A well-fitted soft case with a very serious zipper cradles your small arsenal of pedals. The other case, The Metro 16 was housed in a very lightweight hard case. It is 1.6 lbs so it is perfect for Uber or subway.

Both of these pedalboards are perfect for taking your most important pedals with you but, if you like me, have a large assortment of pedals, I would suggest going with the Classic Pro with a lightweight but sturdy hard case with wheels. Classic PRO features Pedaltrain’s original five-rail “pro” design with traditional rail spacing. This one has an open front design making the power supply and switching system mounting flexible and convenient. Easy to maneuver and perfect for us pedal geeks!

Visit online at

Well, that’s about it. Hopefully, these tools will help you in your quest to get back out into the gigging scene.

I hope to see you there real soon myself!

David C Gross has been the bassist for a lot of folks. He has written 14 bass books and 3 instructional videos, hosts “The Bass Guitar Channel Radio Show” on Monday nights 8 PM EDT, and hosts the “Notes From An Artist” podcast. He also teaches online and through a correspondence course @

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