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BITE Introduces 4-in-Line Headstock

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BITE Introduces 4-in-Line Headstock

BITE Introduces 4-in-Line Headstock

BITE Introduces 4-in-Line Headstock…

Austrian custom bass builder BITE Guitars has made its mark with a number of unique features since 2019, one of which is the distinctive 2-left-2-right headstock.

BITE head Wolfgang: “Our 2+2 headstock has raised quite some eyebrows. It’s straight, not angled, but still comes on a bolt-on bass with a pickguard, quite contrary to familiar sight patterns. And it has this bite mark that stands for our proprietary sound that bites through any band mix: strong and well-defined. A 4-in-line headstock was requested by many. Happy to oblige! Mind you, it is not replacing our signature 2+2 headstock. This is just an optional offer. Needless to say, it has a bite mark too. We actually had much fun finding the right spot for placing the bite, many designs went straight out the window.”

Over a billion bass configurations are available in BITE’s online configurator. BITE offers immediate online ordering, short lead times, fancy artwork, hundreds of passive sound options, and proprietary 1000 millivolt high-output pickups.

For building your own BITE custom bass, build the basics on and for the 4-in-line headstock proceed to the Bells & Whistles premium menu

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