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Nathan East News: Fourplay - Best of Fourplay... 2020 Remastered, including bonus tracks!

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CD Review: The Best of Fourplay, Remastered

CD Review: The Best of Fourplay, Remastered

The Best of Fourplay, Remastered, with Nathan East on bass…

I could easily wrap up this review of The Best of Fourplay by pointing out that all the bass work on this album is by the incomparable Nathan East. I suppose I could also point out that this is a remastered version of the original 1997 album. I guess It would also be redundant to suggest that if you are a Jazz fan or more precisely a smooth Jazz fan, you are already keenly aware of how huge Fourplay has been over the years; they released 14 albums, 3 of which went gold and have earned six Grammy nominations.

So, what more can I possibly tell you?

Well, this album is a kind of time capsule filled with the music of the scene when it was recorded. The band is the original lineup with Bob James on Keys, Lee Ritenour on guitar, Harvey Mason on drums, and Nathan on bass.

The general feel is smooth but they interpret some mega-pop hits by Stevie Wonder, El DeBarge, Chaka Khan, and Phil Collins, along with their own compositions. If you were listening to music after 1997, your ears will perk up to the familiar music in all its flawless glory.

If you missed this music the first time around, now is your chance to get your own copy and treat your ears to excellent bass playing and smooth jazz at its finest.

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