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R.I.P. Mike Connolly, MJC Ironworks

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R.I.P. Mike Connolly, MJC Ironworks

R.I.P. Mike Connolly, MJC Ironworks

Updated: Nov 9, 2021 – It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of Mike Connolly. Mike was a leader in the bass strings industry and friend to many. He was old-school in his approach to business and friendship… you could pick up the phone at any time and Mike would answer personally, having a real conversation… may you rest in peace.

Interview with Mike Connolly from Nov 2020…

MJC Ironworks Mike Connolly Talks Bass Strings and the Rocco Scholarship Program

Mike Connolly knows strings…

Many bass players might take their strings for granted. If they can find something affordable, durable and with the sound they need, they are good to go. In many of the interviews I have done, the musicians I spoke to depend on the recommendation of their trusted guitar tech or as a response to the requests of the sound engineers.

Mike Connolly has been in the music business for ages and knows a lot of stuff, but above all, he knows bass and guitar strings in great detail.

Join me as Mike shares the details about his strings from MJC Ironworks, as well as a great project that he is working on, the Francis Rocco Prestia Jr. Scholarship Program.

Without further ado… Here is Mike!

Mike Connolly Talks Bass and Guitar Strings

Mike gives us a preview of the upcoming Francis Rocco Prestia Jr. Scholarship Program

Vist Mike online at

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