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Remove Instrumental Tracks with Jamorphosia

Remove Instrumental Tracks with Jamorphosia


Remove Instrumental Tracks with Jamorphosia

Remove Instrumental Tracks with Jamorphosia

If you like to do covers playing the bass lines of your favorite tracks, you will like Jamorphosia.

Jamorphosia integrates an artificial intelligence module and allows you to remove the instrumental track of the bass from any music file.

How it works

Jamorphosia uses an artificial intelligence module that allows it to separate the instrumental tracks of any music file you are going to upload. The algorithm separates the different instrumental tracks from the music you give it. Then you decide which instrument you want to remove from the original music.

In addition to removing one of these tracks, Jamorphosia also allows you to isolate one of the different instrumental tracks that make up the original song. This feature can be particularly useful if your goal is to thoroughly analyze a bassline. You can do this by removing the other instruments from the music.

In addition to being able to remove the bass track from a song, Jamorphosia can also remove guitar, drums, piano, and vocals.

Several file formats can be used, including mp3, wav, wma, m4a, mp4, and flac. Regarding the quality of the generated file, you have the choice between 128, 192, or 320 kbps.

The advantages of playing with drums backing tracks

The big advantage is that when you play on a backing track, you are not disturbed by the bassist of the original music. The bass player is sort of you! This difference makes the session much more immersive.

It also means that you are the ONLY bassist in the band! So if you can register and hear any errors while listening, it will be YOUR errors. The good news is that now that you can hear them better, you can more easily correct them and improve your bass playing.

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