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Floating Thumb Technique For Bass

Floating Thumb Technique For Bass

Floating Thumb Technique For Bass – Lessons For Bass Guitar Series…

This bass guitar lesson is for beginner to advanced students

In this lesson, we take a look at the concept of the Floating Thumb, a way to modify your hand position to reduce the possibility of hand injury from harsh angles of the wrist while the thumb is anchored to the pickup. I personally find that this technique helps to increase stamina and speed.

 We will play with the standard approach to the Floating Thumb, as well as my personal approach.

The standard technique has your thumb rest across the strings, muting the strings you are not playing. With the modified approach I use the thumb placed at a slight angle into the gap between the string, and the thumb will rest on the string behind the one that is being played. I find this to be a useful way to mute a specific string. In later lessons, we will see that the thumb in this position can also be used to play double and triple stops.

With all lessons, you may need to modify the lesson and the technique to fit your hand and or playing style.

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