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Review: Holeyboard Pedalboard

Review: Holeyboard Pedalboard

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Review: Holeyboard Pedalboard

Review: Holeyboard Pedalboard

I recently received a Holeyboard Pedalboard for review and after putting it together it became obvious that it is a very cool design!

One of the cool things about the Holeyboard Pedalboard is that you can order the pedalboard in sections and customize exactly what you would need. I being a pedal freak, received a Base Module which includes an elevated portion is 16” X 14” X 4.7”. It attaches to an Expansion Module which includes an elevated portion that is 16″ X 14” X 4.58” long and finally I added a Footpedal module that is 5.5” X 13” X 8”.

Then came time to assemble my pedals…

Holeyboard Pedalboards use cable-ties along with their patent-pending hole mounting pattern to secure and protect your pedals. They advocate that the ties are the best mounting solution and they make changing pedals of all sizes very easy however if you still want to use the tried and true velcro, they show you the optimum place to place said velcro. I decided to use both methods securing the volume pedal with velcro to the foot pedal module.

I found that the back row was angled perfectly allowing me to gain access to those pedals on top without accidentally hitting any pedals on the bottom. A great solution.

Now to carry your pedalboard, Holeyboard has designed a case that was inspired by bulletproof messenger bags. A great idea and it’s extremely durable and comfortable to carry.

All in all, this is a great idea and can be your best solution to carrying your pedals.

To order or find out more, visit online at

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