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Daily Bass Warmup

Daily Bass Warmup

Daily Bass Warmup – Lessons For Bass Guitar Series…

This bass guitar lesson is for beginner to advanced students

Let’s get moving with this daily bass warmup. In this lesson, we will warm our hands up with some simple stretching and pattern-style exercises that will keep our hands in the bass game for a long time.

This stretching segment is advised to be part of your daily ritual before you play, ensuring that the hands have good blood flow and are able to be pliable enough for the next section.

  • Finger permutations (vomit exercises) is a grouping of classic finger exercises that will isolate each movement focusing on the articulation of each note. Take your time on these and give yourself time to play and develop your own patterns. In the example we ascend 1-2-3-4 and descend 4-3-2-1, each number relates to a finger on the left hand being pointer and 4 being pinky.
  • The Spider exercise, is all about working between 2 strings, D&G, to start with and moving down in pairs A D, E&A ascending with root and 5th and descending in root and minor 3rd. Finger pattern is 1-3-2-4 up and 4-2-3-1, as noted in video.
  • Our final warm up exercise is what I refer to as the X exercise. This will have your hand playing one note on each string; play slow and focus on accuracy with the finger just behind the fret.

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