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3 New Artist Welcomed to the Tsunami Family

3 New Artist Welcomed to the Tsunami Family

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3 New Artist Welcomed to the Tsunami Family

3 New Artist Welcomed to the Tsunami Family

3 New Artists Welcomed to the Tsunami Family… Alex Bershadsky, Kade Turner and Jaime Ruiz.

Alex Bershadsky

With years of experience and everything he needs to know at his fingertips, Alex has collaborated with the likes of Dennis Chambers, Mike Stern, Michael Manring, Oz Noy, Nathaniel Townsley and many others.

Alex released his debut CD, Junk in 2007, a collection of musical treasures and a second CD, Anonymous in 2011, both were recorded and produced in NY, in collaboration with Producer Ian Freitor.

Alex is endorsed by Zon Guitars, DR Strings and lately by Fodera. Alex represented them in the NAMM Show in Los Angeles and played bass clinics in the UK.

Alex is one of the leading bass educators in his country with more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of students.

These days Alex is working with his band on his new project.

Kade Turner

Kade Turner is a passionate bassist from the Dandenong Ranges, in Melbourne, Australia.
Having been brought into music very young, Kade naturally started playing drums at age 12.
After breaking his right leg at age 16, he picked up the bass guitar.

His passion for playing and audio engineering has led him onto many stages and recording studios, playing with multiple bands and also collaborating on Custom Bass builds.

In 2018 Kade launched his website, where he shares videos of himself playing, information on how they were recorded, knowledge on setting up your gear, his musical history, and ultimately explaining how to create killer bass tones.

“Being obsessed with sound and the highest quality possible for audio reproduction, I’m very particular on my sound and which gear I’ll use. I’m stoked to be part of The Tsunami Family.”

Kade is currently playing for the Australian rock Band ‘Mammal’.

Jaime Ruiz

His affinity for music began at a very young age, “Music simply captivates me, it takes me somewhere else”. Born and raised in the Lone Star State (Denton, TX) he quickly was introduced to all sorts of different genres from Latin Music to the farthest end of Country.

At the age of 9, he moved to Southern California where the passion grew stronger. After a few years he joined a band called Rancor in 2016, they went on to win their high school battle of the bands. Following those events came some more gigging and good times. But all great things must come to an end.

After facing some internal struggles within the band, he decided to move on. In 2018 he Founded a new band called t.

With consistent gigging and a new Line up, Ophidia was able to write and record a new Record titled “Ouroboros”. They headed to Love Juice Labs in Riverside California to begin the project and released it in Late 2021.

Since then they’ve been on the road constantly, gigging venues trying to up the ante. Some of the bands that inspire him are among the likes of Lamb of God, Pantera, Deftones, Slayer, Suicide Silence, Breaking Benjamin, Trivium, and Revocation. “I don’t know what it is about metal, but it fills a void in me in which I cant fill any other way, it simply completes me”.

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