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Intro to the Bass Pick

Intro to the Bass Pick – Lessons For Bass Guitar Series…

This bass guitar lesson is for beginners

Let’s address the bass pick thing…

So, like you I am sure, the plectrum (AKA guitar pick) may have not been your first choice to play with on your bass. However, it can be an amazing tool to change the vibe of your bass and the overall sound of the song. In my journey with the bass, I have found that the more tools you have at your fingertips the better off you are for any playing situation. 

The bass pick itself can vary in thickness and overall size and it’s an exciting experience just to find the one that fits your playing style and sound. I myself have switched many times to find the best one for me. My advice is to get a few different types from different companies and see how they sound. You may have to adjust the tone controls on your amp or bass to get that desired sound.

Also, pay attention to where your right hand is located on the bass. Is it close to the bridge or the pickup, or on the fretboard itself? All of these locations will produce a wide variety of tones.

Once you are feeling comfortable with the pick, start playing some of your warm-ups, incorporating left and right-hand techniques, playing slowly to start as always. 

Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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