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Right-Hand Tremolo Techniques

Right-Hand Tremolo Techniques

Right-Hand Tremolo Techniques – Lessons For Bass Guitar Series…

This bass guitar lesson is for intermediate players

In this bass lesson, we explore tremolo techniques for the right hand and how we can create modifications to make it part of our bass toolbox. This technique can be very useful for fast passages or rhythmic flurries that enhance the song.

Small movements are very important for speed and endurance, we achieve this by keeping the fingers close together as we step them through the strings. Start each grouping slow with a twisting of the wrist rather than moving each finger separately, this is very similar to the motion that we use with the pick but with a completely different effect.

Once you have gone through the video try modifying each movement… from the thumb, to the index first then add thumb, index, middle, and finally thumb, index, middle, and ring. This is all based on the way I teach this technique, every outcome will be different and that’s awesome. Enjoy!

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