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Right On Target

Right On Target

Right On Target – Lessons For Bass Guitar Series…

This bass guitar lesson is for beginner to advanced students

In this Right On Target exercise, we will be trading our hands and eyes to search out the notes we are looking to play. By focusing on a single note and its octave on each string, we will learn how to adjust between strings and positions on the neck.

Get to Know Your Bass Fretboard
  • Approach this the same way as the Say it and Play it exercise, go slow and articulate the note. 
  • Take notice to where, on the neck, the note occurs on each string.
  • Play the exercise ascending and descending 7x and say the note each time you play it to reinforce the name, sound and location.
  • Take your time and use a metronome or drum machine to add some spice to the exercise once you feel comfortable with it.

Have fun!

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