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Spector Launches First-Ever Woodstock Custom Collection

Spector Launches First-Ever Woodstock Custom Collection

Spector Launches First-Ever Woodstock Custom Collection…

11 one-of-a-kind basses in the Woodstock Custom Collection are works of playable art.

Spector Musical Instruments has introduced the first-ever Woodstock Custom Collection (WCC) featuring 11 one-of-a-kind hand-crafted Spector Basses designed and created by members of the Spector USA Custom Shop in Woodstock, New York.

While each one of these instruments features the legendary NS design, the wood, electronics, aesthetics, and design choices have all been constructed by individual members of the Spector team.

The Spector Woodstock Custom Collection features all-new options for the Spector USA Custom Shop including matching headstocks, fingerboard binding, unique tonewoods, all-new colors and stains, and more. This initial batch of unique instruments will be available through three select Spector dealers; Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center, Ish Guitars, and Fret Nation.

“The Woodstock Custom Collection is so much more than an assortment of world-class instruments,” shared John Stippell, Global Brand Manager for Spector Musical Instruments. “This collection is a demonstration of our instrument-building imagination, the talent, creativity, and vision of those who make up Spector. I am extremely proud of the assortment that the team put together and am excited to get these unique basses into the hands of Spector players.”

To view all the models on one marketplace REVERB has curated a gallery at

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