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Music Mechanics: A Word About Genre, The Context Principle (Part 1)

A Word About Genre, The Context Principle (Part 1)

Hi friends! In this episode, we’ll talk about genre and the concepts that help define the parameters of a specific genre. Related to the genre, we’ll also discuss part 1 of what I like to call the context principle. Hope you enjoy it!

Music tracks featured in this episode are from my “Standard Deviation” album and can be found at this link.

Images/videos used through Fair Use Music / Outro provided by Visdom

Download FREE Chapters from my 221-page book, Practical Rhythmic Sightreading, here.

Instructions: Right-click on the title of an excerpt then select “Save Link As” and it will download it as a PDF document. The corresponding audio files are not downloadable but will play on the website so you can practice along with the book excerpts.

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