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GuitarApp For Guitar and Bass… Every Tool You Need in One App!

GuitarApp For Guitar and Bass


GuitarApp For Guitar and Bass… Every Tool You Need in One App!

GuitarApp For Guitar and Bass… Every Tool You Need in One App!

GuitarApp Is Not Just Another Guitar and Bass App – Here’s Why!

GuitarApp launched on April 11 and here’s why it’s different. There are so many apps for learning guitar and bass but let’s face it, the best guitar content already exists and it’s all on YouTube thanks to the amazing creator community! This was the realization the team behind GuitarApp had when they set about building an app for life-long guitar learners.

The guitar community on Youtube collectively has over 15 billion views, so instead of reinventing the wheel, GuitarApp supercharges the standard YouTube experience for guitar and bass players of all levels by making great content more discoverable. GuitarApp organizes the latest and greatest guitar/bass videos from Youtube into explorable dynamic feeds such as Music Theory, Technique, Guitar Courses, Song Lessons, Gear and lots more! There’s something for all players, from complete beginners to music theory geeks and even guitar builders. There is no limit to what you might discover in the app because the content updates daily!

GuitarApp also includes the most important tools you need as a gigging guitarist, bassist or bedroom enthusiast. There’s a professional-grade chromatic tuner for guitar, ukulele, bass and mandolin. There is an elegant metronome that also caters to complex time signatures and subdivisions. The app also includes a huge interactive chords, scales, and arpeggios library for guitar bass, and ukulele. You also get a neat little drum machine that allows you to select from preset beats or make your own to help get your creative juices flowing! It’s available for free on the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPad. A Mac OS version is in the works and other platforms will follow!

GuitarApp was founded in Dublin, Ireland by Mikel Gainza, Dan Barry, Lorcan O’Toole, and Bryan Murphy but the team are no strangers to building great apps for guitar players! They all have pedigree in the business and decided to get the band back together to launch GuitarApp! Get it free on the app store today!

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