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New Album: Jari Behm, Mind Adventures

Jari Behm, Mind Adventures…

Jari Behm is a Finnish musician who is known especially among friends of heavier music. He was the bassist for Stratovarius in the early 90’s. Later on for Finnish bands like Tunnelvision and STUD.

The Mind Adventures album is Jari’s type of music which represents a really broad selection of music. “I promise that I will not repeat myself on the album as the music genre of my music varies from metal, funk, classical, hard rock to blues, but still heavier music shows the biggest role”, says Jari.

Jari managed to gather vocalists who fit perfectly to the dedicated tracks. Brazilian Gus Monsanto (e.g.ex-Adagio,ex-Revolution Renaissance), Finnish Peter James Goodman (e.g.Conquest), Turkish Berzan Önenand Italian Alessandro Granato. Toni Paananen(e.g.Malpractice) played drums on 5 tracks. All tracks and lyrics are written by Jari. Also, he played basses, guitars, and synths.

He was two decades away from the music business until he started to put more effort into music again. It was finally time to release his own music as he has been composing songs since the middle of the 80’s when he started his music career. There are many unreleased tracks in his drawer waiting to be released.

“A break from music gave me perspective on how I would like to produce the music and I felt it is the time to finally release my own music without any musical limitations. The distinctiveness of instruments and sound quality without too much compression is a very important part of the whole picture and I put special attention into this”, says Jari who has mixed, produced, and mastered the music by himself.

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