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September Saver Skims 10% OFF Your BITE Custom Bass

September Saver Skims 10% OFF Your BITE Custom Bass

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September Saver Skims 10% OFF Your BITE Custom Bass

Prices have gone haywire everywhere, BITE Guitars’ supplier prices are no exception.

BITE head Wolfgang: “Year to date, energy is up 100%, wood 30%, hardware 40%, you can’t throw a bass pick that won’t bounce off an inflated supplier price. We at BITE Guitars are forced to constantly adjust our selling prices here and there to avoid falling behind supplier rises. Our September Saver promotion gives you a break now:

1) Price Freeze: We’ll keep our prices frozen until Sept 30.

2) 10% OFF: Get 10% discount off your configurator price. Build your custom bass online in our configurator, add to cart and insert the coupon code “september-saver” at checkout. Now watch 10% skimmed off.

3.) Pay only 10% deposit: Select PAY DEPOSIT at checkout and watch your price reduced to just 10% deposit. The balance of 90% becomes due in October or November, at the customer’s discretion. Those who want their bass fast pay the balance in October. Others are welcome to defer until November.”

US, Canadian and many other international clients currently enjoy also an additional exchange rate advantage through the cheap euro. A 1,500€ BITE bass cost 1,782$ in September 2021, whereas now it’s only 1,522$.

Find all the details and start saving at

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