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TECH 21 NYC Bass Fly Rig V2 Review

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TECH 21 NYC Bass Fly Rig V2 Review

TECH 21 NYC Bass Fly Rig V2 Review…

Words cannot do justice to the Bass Fly Rig V2 from TECH 21 NYC!

The Bass Fly Rig V2 has everything you need for any genre. The first thing that grabbed my attention was having two separate channels. For example, you can have one setup for a clean tone, and another with some drive to it. In my case, as I also play upright bass, I can use one channel for pizzicato and the other channel for bowing, getting the volume adjustment to be more balanced, as my bowing tends to be louder than my pizzicato style of playing.

Yes, the Bass Fly Rig V2 works great for both electric and upright bass!

Going into a little more detail, the Bass Fly Rig V2 still has everything that the SansAmp analog product has, giving you a wide multitude of classic bass tones including the much-loved amped bass tones.

TECH 21 NYC Bass Fly Rig V2 Review

As I mentioned before, you have 2 different channels, so you can go from clean to dirty, and add everything in between including chorus, octave, and octave fuzz to get really down and dirty, or just some fuzz to get not quite as dirty (LOL), and a bite switch to give the top end some more “bite” on the top end. 

Let’s talk a little bit about the octave and fuzz, which is engaged by using the Octafilter footswitch.

With the Octave and fuzz, which can be used separately, by the way, keeping in mind that both are engaged with the Octafilter button, you can get a wide range of tones, even down to a Minimoog synth all the way to a keyboard bass. You can even blend the octave and fuzz together with the Mix knob and add some compression to get even more varieties of tones! Chorus, we all know what chorus does, I always say it helps the bass to ‘sing’ a little more, adding some needed thickness to your lines. 

Last but not least, (well, almost last LOL) while I love everything about the Bass Fly Rig V2, I think the compressor rocks, giving the old classic tone and making it warmer, kinda like the classics, and that might be just because I’m an ‘old school’ kinda dude.

Oh, and let’s not forget, inherently the most important thing of all….the tuner!

Easy to engage, just hold down the Chorus footswitch and it is engaged!

TECH 21 NYC Bass Fly Rig V2 Review

The Bass Fly Rig V2 also has an effects loop so you can use external effects, 1/4” input and output, and XLR output. It is powered by a 9V DC power supply and the rugged housing is all metal.

TECH 21 NYC Bass Fly Rig V2 Review

Check out the TECH 21 NYC Bass Fly Rig V2 online at or at a music retailer near you!!


– All-analog SansAmp tube amplifier emulation circuitry

– Two individual Drive controls for gain and overdrive

– Two individual Level controls

– Bite switch activates a presence boost to provide extra clarity to the top end

– On-board active post-EQ section, cut or boost 12dB

– Compression that utilizes old-school FET-based technology

– EFX section with Octafilter, Fuzz and Chorus 

– Chromatic tuner

– 1/4-inch 4.7megOhm input to deliver the full sound of piezos

– Input Pad for active basses

– XLR output with ground connect

– 1/4-inch low impedance output

– Speaker simulation defeat switch

– Rugged, all-metal housing

– Metal footswitches and jacks

– Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators

– Utilizes included 9V DC power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC9), 250mA, 100-240V universal auto-switching power supply with interchangeable international plugs for use anywhere in the world.

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