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Review: dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X by Tech 21

dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X by Tech 21

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Review: dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X by Tech 21

A deep dive review into the Tech 21 dUg Pinnick Signature pedal, DP-3X.


• All-analog technology
• Two modes for clean/traditional bass sounds as well as Mix mode for dUg’s tone
• 10dB Gain switch
• 3-band active EQ, cut or boost ±18dB, with switchable Mid
• Chunk control for high-end distortion
• COMP, for compression, utilizes old school, all-analog, FET-based technology, which is inherently warmer, more transparent and more musical
• Chromatic tuner


• 1/4-inch 4.7megOhm input 
• XLR output with ground lift to go direct to a PA desk or studio board
• 1/4-inch low impedance output
• Headphone mode switch
• Rugged, all-metal housing
• Metal footswitches and jacks
• Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators
• Measures 7.75”l x 2.5”w x 1.25”h
• Weighs just 12 oz.
• Utilizes included 9V DC Universal Power Supply: Model #DC9. “Auto-switching,” self-adjusting 100V240V, 200mA.
Includes interchangeable international prong assemblies for EU, UK, Australia/New Zealand for use anywhere in the world.

In addition to dUg’s personal setting, sample settings styles provided in the owner’s manual include:
• Muse/Hysteria
• Yes/Roundabout
• Tom Petersson
• Paul McCartney
• Smooth Studio

For more information on the dUg Pinnick Signature pedal, visit online at

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