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New Album: Vladimir Samardzic, Catching the Wind

Vladimir Samardzic’s new album “Catching the Wind”, in the format of a guitar trio, presents him as a strong author with a clear stylistic vision.

From the first composition on Catching the Wind, “Grisignana” and the magical voice of Thana Aleksa, Vladimir invites the listener on a journey that is hard to resist. Musically different and exciting paths, atmospheres and images leave no room for doubt and indifference. Brazilian guitarist Marco Antonio da Costa gives a specific original color to the first part of the album, while in the second part Vladimir’s old friend Nenad Gajin performs excitingly and uncompromisingly on electric guitar. Both bring a unique sound and energy. For this recording, Vladimir teamed up again with his favorite drummer Dado Marinkovi?, creating a strong and rich rhythmic basis, while the collaboration with percussionist Andrej Krsti? in two duet numbers brought new and interesting musical landscapes on this windy tour. The leader of the journey on four strings is in no hurry, but skilfully directs the participants and communicates with them with his inspired bass lines. In the end, leaving Siena, the traveler full of impressions has something to take with him, to remember, to feel, with the desire to return to the beginning as soon as possible, to Grožnjan, where it all started.

In the speed brought by the 21st century, chasing our goals in the desire to reach them as soon as possible, we often forget to live, to stop and enjoy the moment, to enjoy the road with all its curves. Many never catch the “wind” without realizing what they are missing.

About the creation of the album:

The idea for this album was born in July 2018 in Grožnjan (CRO). Inspired by the magic of this place, as well as by singer Thana Aleksa and guitarist Marko Antonio da Costa, whom I met there, I wrote the first, title track. In the meantime, plans changed, a new, pandemic world was emerging around us, the idea grew and developed in an unexpected, but good direction – I composed the tracks mostly on the guitar, after all, it was with the guitar that my practice of music began. Over time, I decided that the entire album would be in the formation of a guitar trio, and at the end, I would add two duet compositions with percussion, as a contrast to the guitar sound.

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