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New Gear: Bergantino Audio Systems Introduces the Reference II Series Cabinets

New Gear: Bergantino Audio Systems Introduces the Reference II Series Cabinets

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New Gear: Bergantino Audio Systems Introduces the Reference II Series Cabinets

Bergantino Audio Systems Introduces the Reference II Series Cabinets…

The Reference II Series 112 and new 115 feature a new look, ceramic magnets, and Poplar ply shells to bring the huge tones that Bergantino is known for in a lightweight package

Bergantino Audio Systems has unveiled its Reference II Series of bass cabinets, which is the latest innovation from creator Jim Bergantino. 

The new series includes the Reference II Series 112 and the all-new 115, which both feature a bold new look, lightweight shells, and powerful ceramic magnets. 

With gigging musicians in mind, portability was paramount to the design of these cabinets, which still feature all of the power that you expect from Bergantino. Using a lightweight Poplar ply shell and Baltic Birch baffles to encase the ceramic-based speakers, these cabinets are extremely easy to transport, while still packing all of the low-end presence and warmth that is required for professional bassists in any genre of music. Covered with rugged Tolex finishes and cloth grills, these cabinets look as good as they sound and provide long-term durability that is required for the wear and tear of touring and gigging musicians. 

The Reference II Series utilize ceramic magnets with vented pole pieces for the fullest and roundest low-end possible. Along with their high-power handling capability, the Reference II Series cabinets boast versatility fit for players who utilize fingerstyle, pick, slapping, and tapping techniques. Their presence and punch matches their low-end output and produce an accurate, full-bodied, and authentic representation of your bass guitar in both live and studio settings.

Reference II Series 112

The Reference II Series 112 is new and improved, featuring the tone that bass purists love, but in a lighter package without sacrificing any of the full-bodied, robust properties that have made this a favorite. The 112 can achieve any sonic palette you desire while faithfully reproducing the natural tone that comes directly from your bass and your fingers. Many bassists love the Reference II Series 112 because of the “blank canvas” it provides the player seeking a solid, no-frills bass tone, and this updated edition upholds that, but with noticeable improvements. Seamless, tight, quick and responsive, this cabinet is the right choice for players of all levels. 

Reference II Series 115

After receiving many requests to bring back our 115 cabinets, lovers of rumbling low end can rejoice, as the latest edition to our lineup is here to maximize your bottom end with a responsiveness second to none. We’ve taken everything our players loved about our previous 15” offering, shaved some weight, and updated its design to fit our high standards of the Reference II Series. With our proprietary speaker curves, it can be made to sound full and modern or vintage and rolled off, but never dry. The 115 cabinet provides a massive sound in a lightweight, easily transportable package that is ready for small venues, arenas, and everything in between. 

Reference II Series 112:  $1059.00
Reference II Series 115:  $1099.00

These Cabinets Currently Shipping in the USA

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