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This Practice Amp Had Me Playing More Bass in 2022 (Without Infuriating the Neighbors)

This Practice Amp Had Me Playing More Bass in 2022 (Without Infuriating the Neighbors)


This Practice Amp Had Me Playing More Bass in 2022 (Without Infuriating the Neighbors)

This Practice Amp Had Me Playing More Bass in 2022 (Without Infuriating the Neighbors)


Confession time… Traditionally, I have never been the biggest fan of bass practice amps.

To me, there is nothing like plugging in and letting that 800-watt head push air around the room. That said, I do live in an urban neighborhood where there are houses all around me and I am not going to be that terrible person that keeps everyone up at night. I really needed to find a great alternative that would satisfy my need for sound, while keeping me in check with the neighbors – lol!

Back in June, you may remember how impressed I was with Spark MINI when I reviewed it. This mighty little piece of tech wizardry has so much potential that I have barely been able to begin exploring all the possibilities it has to offer. But it did EXACTLY what I needed it to do… now I can practice late into the night and not bother anyone. Better yet, I connect my headphones and I get amazing sound quality that almost makes me feel like I am in a studio or on the stage. And with the amount of settings and options, every time I plugin there is something new to discover, giving me that, ‘No way, I didn’t know this amp and smart app could _________!’

Positive Grid Spark Mini - Nov 2022

Recently, I acquired an entry-level bass that has good bones and a solid sound if you dial it in and leave it there.

When I plug this beauty into MINI, I have so many ways to alter my sound that this basic bass now has no limits. MINI gives countless sonic choices without needing additional pre-amps or pedals. This feature is perfect for those beginners who can’t afford more advanced gear so they can avoid getting discouraged by the limitations of the equipment they have at hand. In addition to the quality sound, the app offers so many learning tools that facilitate the process and motivates you to want to play more.

I have a nephew who is getting his first bass soon and I think this amp would be a perfect way to get started. As he digs technology, when he pairs the MINI with the smart app, he will have access to models of classic bass amps that he can tweak to his heart’s content; I know that he will be impressed with the range of possibilities, allowing for his musical expression.

The app also provides access to Positive Grid’s online ToneCloud® community, so he will always have the opportunity to check out tons of bass tones made by other users.

This Practice Amp Had Me Playing More Bass in 2022 (Without Infuriating the Neighbors)

One important consideration is that I have plans to travel next year.

You might remember that I recently got a Kapsule duo to protect my two favorite basses. You know that Spark MINI will be in the car so I won’t miss a beat while I am on the road. It hardly takes up any space and is so lightweight that traveling with it will be a breeze. I can play in my hotel room without getting tossed out for disturbing everybody there.

An added bonus… because I get hours on a charge with this battery-powered amp, I won’t even need to be near an outlet.

Check out one of my favorite on-the-road videos with bassist @aprilkae of MINI in action…

I am very impressed with all the features MINI has to offer and I just saw that they now have really cool custom grilles to make each amp even more personalized and fit in with anyone’s particular space and aesthetic. 

Spark Mini SKins

You can design them on Positive Grid’s Spark x You platform using a selection of colors and patterns, or you can upload your own artwork or photos.

…and this fun video was just released on personalizing your Spark!

This amp really has so much to offer and I am most excited about exploring more of these features in-depth in the coming years… Spark MINI is exactly the type of amp that grows with you.

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