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Album Review: Teen Tow, A Month of Sundays

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Album Review: Teen Town, A Month of Sundays

Album Review: Teen Town, A Month of Sundays –

Teen Town, with Gabriel Severn on bass

It is always great to see young people like Teen Town take an interest in Jazz Fusion so that the genre can continue to grow and evolve. This trio named after the legendary tune of the ‘70s is led by bassist Gabriel Severn, with Connor Roher on keys and Logan Bedard on drums. The band got its start at a Jazz Camp and has been on fire ever since, supporting world-famous headlining musicians at festivals, and performing on TV and radio.

A Month of Sundays brings us eight tracks, many of which are original compositions. They are very nicely composed with variety and much creativity. The band recruited some additional musicians on a few tunes when the music needed them and these players did a great job complimenting the core trio. The music is rich with excellent bass work front and center but there is ample room for all to really shine here.

This is one very tight trio and I am optimistic that Jazz Fusion has a bright future in the hands of these fine young musicians.

Make sure you check them out and support such promising young musicians.

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