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Warm Up Etudes for Electric Bass

Warm Up Etudes for Electric Bass

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Warm Up Etudes for Electric Bass

Warm Up Etudes for Electric Bass by Roberto Lo Monaco…

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Warm Up Etudes for Electric Bass is a collection of 13 short ‘classical’ etudes which aims to tackle the delicate and often underestimated topic of muscular and articular warm-up.

The path that has been outlined is structured on a series of melodic lines that guide us to the approach of the scales with their relative types of intervals and the arpeggios of the triads with their relative inversions and spread voicings, in an increasing level of difficulty, often trying to emphasize the use of the open strings in the various passages (in the so-called first position) to increase the possible variables and fingerings and to make specific use of the stretching work that this area offers.

The daily study of this method will help us to optimize the warming up of the joints and the development of the technique of both hands more efficiently and quickly. At the same time, it will also provide us with ideas to broaden the melodic-harmonic background, allowing us to enrich our phrasing, for example by identifying the “cells” which, according to personal taste, could be effective, and reworking them to be used both in accompaniment lines and in solo improvisation.

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